Neo Klima

The village of Neo (New) Klima or Elios is located next to the sea, 18 kilometers from Skopelos Chora. As a result of its recent establishment in 1981, the settlement is considered new. Elios is apine-covered area of scenic natural beauty. The stunning sandy beach of Hovolo stretches along the coast of the village, with its iridescent waters just a few steps away. The newly constructed marina is designed to accommodate the visitor’s watercraft. At the same time, the village’s western orientation provides for a romantic sunset on the Mamma Mia! Island, every single day.


The little houses, the picturesque harbor, the enchanting beaches, the breathtaking pine forest, and the marina are the key ingredients for your perfect relaxing holiday on Skopelos Island!




Distance from Skopelos Chora (Port): 18.8km, about 25 minutes by car (via the Agios Reginos road).

Distance from Skopelos Chora (Port): 23.4km, about 30 minutes by car (via the Staphylos – Agnontas road).




Distance from Skopelos Chora (Port): 13.9km, about 23 minutes by car (via the Glysteri – Karya Mount Delphi road).