Skopelos, also known as “Pirates of the…Aegean!” Dozens of dreamy beaches will captivate you with their turquoise waters and their impressive vegetation, which literally descends into the sea, without exaggeration! Lacy seashores create natural coves and caves that will take you back to another time when fearless pirates would attack from the most untrodden areas of the island. Pirates today belong to the history of Skopelos; however, the danger of having your heart stolen by the island’s numerous beaches is more than real!

You have a variety of choices when it comes to choosing a beach: organized or secluded; sandy, pebbled, or rocky; for families, couples and/or young people; with taverns or beach bars.

Every beach has its own “personality,” something that resonates well with any tourist. From adventurous water sports and entertainment to relaxation, leisure, or even nudism, there’s nothing you cannot find here! Impeccable sunsets and churches that seem to be “growing” out of the rocks will render you speechless.  

If you have your own boat or intend renting one, you will find yourself at the beautiful, secluded beaches that will leave you in awe. You can also get around by car, motorbike or bus that connects the port of Skopelos to Glossa with frequent bus service. You will soon find yourself at the vast beach of Milia, the tiny beaches of Adrina, or the picturesque beach of Kastani. The unique Hovolo, Limnonari, Staphylos, and Velanio, a stunning Skopelitian beach that mesmerizes naturists and non-naturists alike, are all waiting for you to discover them.

Swimming at dusk awakens the romantic in you: the extraordinary Panormos and the pine covered Milia invite you to enjoy the idyllic sunset. When the north wind blows and it is wavy at the port of Skopelos, you should avoid the northern beaches; on the other hand, the calm waters of the western and southern beaches will be lending themselves to an unforgettable swimming experience.