Honeymoon Tourism

Mamma Mia! Perhaps the only place on earth where everywhere you look, the legendary film comes to life in front of your eyes

 Are you a couple who wishes to get married and spend an unforgettable honeymoon or do you want to renew your vows (or just your spirit)? Well, then, look no further: who needs a staged setting when you have Skopelos Island waiting for you?

 With Skopelos Island, you only must follow the tried-and-true “recipe” and your experience will be as good as the movie or even better. The exotic Kastani Beach will inspire you to sing your love. In the area of Nisi (Glysteri), you will catch the most beautiful sunrise of your life. And lastly, right before the sunset, Milia, Agnontas, or Amarandos will offer the perfect ending to your perfect day!


Yet the moment you literally scream, “Mamma Mia!” it will be when you lay your eyes on the Chapel of St. John at Kastri (Agios Ioannis). It is a stunning, picturesque chapel perched on a rock formation. At a height of 100 meters, you will need to ascend some 106 hillside steps cut into the rock to reach it and say the longed-for “I do” to your other half!

This may surprise you, but not all the above is the reason why Skopelos is justifiably considered the Mamma Mia! island. Skopelos is the definition of the natural and the spontaneous. Friendly faces and high-quality low-cost services will help you leave behind your concerns. Beaches, towns, monasteries, chapels, history, and gastronomy are all harmoniously intertwined, setting the backdrop for your lovely memories. Do not miss out on this experience.