The island’s museums are the important cradles of local culture and encourage us to appreciate the history and heritage of the island. Museums, mansions, and traditional homes “unlock” different aspects and eras of the rich history of Skopelos. Are you going to miss a chance to visit them and allow yourself to travel through time?

The Folklore Museum of Skopelos is an exhibition of popular culture. It mentally takes you to a typical Skopelitian house decorated with needlework, carved wood furniture, and other daily household goods.

The house of the Greek author Pavlos Nirvanas, a typical example of Skopelitian architecture, is situated next to the Church of the Three Holy Hierarchs and serves as the History Museum of Skopelos. Its collections capture the rich history of the island, from ancient times to the present day.

The beautiful Vakratsa Mansion gives you a glimpse of a typical Skopelitian mansion’s interior, while its courtyard hosts a plethora of cultural events. The cultural landscape is complemented by the Folklore Museum of Glossa, housed in a two-story traditional house where you can admire the traditional local costumes and everyday household items. Additionally, the Sideri Art Gallery of Glossa houses the famous 20th-century Glossa-born painter, Alexander Sideris.

Temporary exhibition