Skopelos island has a surface area of 96 km2 and a circumference of 97 km. It is the second island that we come across as we travel from mainland Greece to the archipelago of the Northern Sporades, after the island of Skiathos.

The morphology of the island is characterized by two mountains: Mount Palouki at 565 meters above sea level and Mount Delphi at 680 meters, making it the taller of the two.

The visitor to this blessed and beautiful island is most struck by its green forests covering the largest area of its surface. Therefore, Skopelos is rightly considered one of the greener islands of the Aegean Sea.

Skopelos town, also known as Chora, is the capital of the island. The villages of Glossa, Atheato, and Loutraki form the municipal district of Glossa (previously known as the municipal community of Glossa). Furthermore, the villages of Paleo Klima and Neo Klima (Elios) form the municipal district of Klima (previously known as the municipal community of Klima).

According to the 2021 census, the actual population of the municipality of Skopelos was 4,518 residents.