Local products

Skopelos is famous for its high-quality plums, almonds, chestnuts, figs, citrus fruits, olive groves, and vineyards. Thanks to its remarkable flora, the island boasts a great beekeeping tradition and produces excellent honey. At the same time, it is notable for its assortment of wild weeds and herbs, asparagus, mushrooms, and its livestock farming.

Gastronomy, however, is not just an art of the land, but also of the sea. Locals and visitors both from Greece and abroad cannot resist the fresh seafood of Skopelos.

All the excellent natural raw materials allow the talented Skopelitians to create inspired dishes! You will find both salty and sweet local recipes at elegant restaurants and traditional taverns of the island.

The famous Skopelitian cheese pie, with its spiral shape and the special technique used to make it, stars in the traditional renowned menu. Mizithra and goat cheese, local virgin olive oil, orgeat syrup, bread as well as dozens of fish, meat or locally grown vegetable recipes impress even the most refined palate.

The meal ritual finishes with the local spoon sweets including plum, almond, sour cherry, or orange as well as desserts like moustalevria (grape must pudding), rozedes and chamalia (almond paste sweets), and amigdalato (almond paste), all of which have a heavenly taste! The local associations and producers know all the secrets so that you can take some of Skopelos’ culinary magic with you.