You will find several beaches near the village of Glossa. While not as readily accessible, they offer unique, authentic landscapes of exceptional beauty, with trees perched on the rocks. You will discover a refined and dyed stone on your right before arriving at Perivoliou Beach. Along the way, your attention will be drawn to the unusual Citadel (Acropolis), built by the local Captain SteliosKarvelis (also known as Barba Stelios or Uncle Stelios). Many of his works made from refined stone with passion and love are scattered throughout his estate.


Starting your journey from Skopelos Chora, you can drive on Agios Reginos road for 30km, and you will arrive atPerivoliou beach in about 46 minutes. In case you opt for the Staphylos-Agnontas road, this will be a 50-minute drive and a total distance of 35.4km. Finally, if you choose the Glysteri – Karya Mount Delphi road, this will be a 43-minute drive and a total distance of 25.8km.