Velanio is a vast, enchanting, and well-liked beach. The more you walk along the beach, the stronger the memories you bring back with you. Velanio is an officially recognized nudist beach separated by a rock. The nudist-friendly portion starts after the rock, allowing non-naturists to enjoy it as well.

On the right side of the beach, there is a beautiful cave with water dripping from the rocks, suggesting that in the past, possibly under Roman rule, this was an ancient bath area (in ancient Greek, the word for “baths” was “valanion,” quite close to the modern name of the beach).

There is no extensive tourist infrastructure on the beach; therefore, swimmers can enjoy crystal clear blue waters and an exquisite view of the pine forest on the hillside. Can you think of a more magical place?

Velanio beach is 4.4km away from Skopelos Chora, around 7 minutes by car.