After Neo Klima (Elios), we discover another lovely beach, Armenopetra, with its iconic upright rock standing high on the left. Due to the gushing sweet water streams, the waters of Armenopetra are always crisp or even cold, providing a refreshing escape even on the hottest of summer days. Thanks to their orientation, the coasts of Armenopetra beach offer stunning sunsets and an exquisite view of the village of Glossa.

You can reach Armenopetra beach from Skopelos Chora (port) via different routes:
Via the Agios Reginos road: 21.5km, about 30 min by car
Via the Staphylos – Agnontas road: 26.1km, about 35 min by car
Via the Glysteri – Karya Mount Delphi road: 16.5km, about 28 min by car.