One of the most popular beaches on Skopelos Island, Panormos Beach is 12.3km from the town of Skopelos. In ancient times, a citadel (or acropolis) was built on the hill of Paleokastro, in the region of Panormos. The walls of the fortress are well preserved and worth a visit.

Panormos is an organized beach located in a wide and sheltered bay with pebbles and crystal-clear waters that deepenrapidlywithin a short distance from the shore. Surrounded by a lush green pine forest, it is no accident that it isone of the most representative beaches of the island and the Aegean Sea, in general.

Without a doubt, the best time to enjoy your swim at this exceptional beach is in the evening, when the extraordinary sunset and the summer breeze will blend in with your feeling of carefreeness. Next to Panormos Beach, tourists will have the chance to enjoy a small natural harbor, the charming Blo.