After Kastani, you can stop and enjoy Hovolo Beach, on the edge of the village of Neo Klima (Elios). We do not know what to admire first from this magical place! The pine trees coming out of tall, steep white rock formations and the unique turquoise waters with their iridescent tones promise an unforgettable day at the beach. The antithesis composes a charming natural setting that will leave you speechless, but with this memory forever in your mind.

You can reach this wonderful beach with its unusual color contrast from Skopelos Chora (port) via different routes:
Via the Agios Reginos road: 18.8km, about 25 min by car
Via the Staphylos – Agnontas road: 23.4km, about 30 min by car
Via the Glysteri – Karya Mount Delphi road: 13.9km, about 23 min by car.

Whichever route you may take, you will certainly enjoy the ride and the view.