Sentoukia -Tafi (“Treasure Chests – Graves)

Sentoukia is an area northwest of Skopelos Chora, at the top of hill Karyaand above the beautiful St. Eustace Monastery (Agios Efstathios) with its panoramic view. Four magnificent rock cutgravesfrom the Roman or early Christian period were discovered in this area which is full of legends and hidden treasures!




Two graves are parallel to each other while a third, unfinished,lies between them. The fourth grave is found two meters further away and is parallel to all three graves. The three finished graves are covered by2.5m-tall monolithic gravestones found upside down, a sign of vandalism.




To visit this mystical place, you will need to take the signposted dirt road to Karya either by car or preferably on a motorcycle..Before you arrive at the foot path to Sentoukia, you will find a natural spring that is believed to have the best water on the island. From there, you will find a narrow path marked “Sentoukia” leading to the rock cut graves that you will follow on foot.




The hiking experience in an idyllic environment into the wild is completed once you reach Sentoukia, one of the island’s highest spots. There, you can enjoy the enchanting view of Alonissos, Euboea, Skiathos, and Pelion. When the sky is clear, you can even see Chalkidiki and Mount Olympus on the horizon.