Saint Reginos Monastery

The church of Saint Reginos, the patron saint of Skopelos, was rebuilt in 1728, most likely over the ruins of an old Byzantine monastery, and is one of the island’s most important attractions. In the courtyard of the present-day church, which was built in 1960, the visiting worshipers can see the sarcophagus of Saint Reginos, a martyr and first bishop of the island (4th c. AD). The sacred relics of Saint Reginos are kept at the Nativity Metropolitan Cathedral (Genissi Christou). During the persecutions under Julian the Apostate, Saint Reginos was martyred. Skopelitians buried the holy relics of the bishop a few kilometers southwest of the diocese. During the 5th or 6th century, the first church of the island was built next to the tomb of the patron saint.


At 4 kilometers southwest of Skopelos Chora and in near proximity to the burial site, the Monastery of Saint Reginos was founded on a small hill. The feast of St. Reginos is celebrated on the 25th of February. Every year on that date, worshippers from all over Greece gather at the monastery to take part in religious worship and follow the procession of the holy relics that starts at the monastery, continues around the town of Skopelos and ends at the Nativity Metropolitan Cathedral.