Skopelos, a top destination for marriage proposals

Skopelos made it to the top of the list of best Greek romantic islands, as published by the popular Italian travel website My Greek Salad on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Thousands of potential travelers visit the website My Greek Salad, which is considered an expert website in Italy on vacation in Greece. According to the extensive article, Skopelos is the ideal destination for a marriage proposal. Amazing views of the lush landscapes and the crystal-clear seas are the perfect backdrop for a marriage proposal.
It is equally important that access to the island is relatively easy, as there are direct flights from various Italian cities to Skiathos, which is only a short boat route away from Skopelos. This island is truly beautiful and has a totally different vibe than the Cyclades. It must be noted that the author of this extensive article had the opportunity to visit and experience Skopelos Island, after being invited and hosted by the Municipality and the Tourism Committee of Skopelos.