“Mamma Mia! Living the dream on Skopelos”

The renowned journalist James Brewer published an extensive article about Skopelos Island on the established British tourist website allaboutshipping.co.uk, entitled “Mamma Mia! Living the dream on Skopelos”.

The website focuses, among other topics, on maritime tourism and catches the attention of thousands of avid fans and professionals. During the international World Travel Meeting 2019 in London, the experienced journalist met with Ms. Ioanna Efstathiou, head of the Skopelos Tourism Committee. During their meeting, he had the chance to mentally travel to the island, visit the picturesque villages and chapels, marvel at the nature and finally come to the conclusion that even though the second “Mamma Mia!” movie was not filmed on the Greek island, Skopelos remains the benchmark of the timeless musical with the unforgettable ABBA songs. The magical aura of the island is augmented by its rich history and “adventurous” past, when pirates used Skopelos as their lair, long before thousands of tourists chose it as their getaway destination, to relax and escape the anxiety of their everyday lives.