Celebratory event by Greek Instagramers Events in Athens with the participation of Skopelos

The President of the Tourism Committee of the Municipality of Skopelos, Eva Karamesini, had the opportunity to highlight the unique character and hospitality of the island in the frame of the new year event of the community Greek Instagramers Events in Athens, which is the largest and most significant instagram group in Greece. Photo aficionados and social media experts were invited to an amazing new year event with lottery gifts, among which was a 4-night stay at “Hotel Amalia” on Skopelos. This event, which takes place every year, took place on Saturday the 10th of February at 19:00 on the 9th floor of a central Athens hotel with a view to the Acropolis. This successful event put Skopelos Island in the spotlight. Mrs. Karamesini presented the lottery gifts accompanied by the Mamma Mia music. In the following weeks, Greek Instagramers will promote the event and the island on their very active social media pages.
“We are making use of modern media tools to achieve the targeted promotion of Skopelos Island. We would like to warmly thank the community Greek Instagramers Events and more specifically the heads of the community, Elli Agiannidi and Giorgos Vergados, for our long and successful cooperation, as well as the Hotel Union of Skopelos and “Hotel Amalia” for offering a 4-day stay”, mentioned the President of the Tourism Committee of the Municipality of Skopelos Eva Karamesini.