Tavern Aramis

Are you staring at your watch and you realize it’s high time for lunch or dinner? Then, your clock hands are suggesting you to visit the traditional tavern Aramis, in Loutraki of Glossa in Skopelos!
What is our definition of the ‘ultimate gastronomical experience’? For us, it stands for a variety of traditional Skopelian recipes created from the finest raw materials and supplies derived from this very Island, flavors and procedures which are performed through a maternal’s technique, a warm family environment set to respond to your foodie concerns, including your family’s needs nevertheless.
Request us to serve you the finest Skopelian traditional recipes. Do not depart without trying out Skopelos pork with plums, pork shank and our delicious roasts on the grill. Additionally, you shouldn’t neglect our Island’s fresh fishes, which are exceptionally prepared for you! Apart from Fisherman’s Pasta and Stuffed Calamari that are being prepared with care and affection daily, you should also ask of us to present you the Fresh Fish of the Day list which is regularly updated.
We are settled in one of the most picturesque sidewalks in Loutraki, just a few meters away from the sea. Many of our guests have preferred our tavern due to our breathtaking natural landscape that reinforces the serenity one feels as they are sitting in one of our tables and they are being surrounded by the imposing and ancient plane trees.
We combine entertainment and connoisseur. In order to make your night unforgettable, we are taking the initiative to organize musical events and be ready and set to take off our nights accompanied by your irreplaceable presence! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s all synchronize our clocks for our awaited visit in Aramis tavern!

Address: Loutraki, Skopelos, 37004
Tel.: +30 24240 33731, +30 698 2875599
Email: laramis31@yahoo.gr