At the highest point of the settlement, in the Castle of Skopelos is the tavern of George Xintaris, «Anatoli». It has been made with passion and love since 1982. The amazing view, the delicious delicacies and the live Rebetiko music every day, compose a landscape of unforgettable experience and beauty.

The blue of the sea with the color of the sky in the afternoon make up a spectacle of stunning beauty. At night, the visitor can see the whole settlement of Skopelos, from the illuminated port to the illuminated alleys. The appetizers are made from the best ingredients and with various herbs from the fields of Skopelos. The cook is George Xintaris himself who every day puts his love and passion for the best possible home tastes and smells.
Live music is an integral part of «Anatoli». From the first day of its operation and every night since 1982, George Xintaris together with many of the remarkable musicians of Skopelos, travels the visitor with his voice and the Rebetiko songs to other eras. In recent years, the two children of his, Antonis and Thodoris participate in the orchestra, who continues on the same tasty and musical paths.

All these years, visitors from all over the world are the best advertisers of all that we have described. They are big fans of the «Anatoli».

Address: Kastro, Skopelos, 37003
Tel.: +30 24240 22851, +30 697 9944679
Facebook: Anatoli