Mediterraneo Deli Skopelos

Discover Mediterraneo Deli Skopelos in one of the prettiest corners of Skopelos island, the “Sofadakia” neighborhood. Come and join us in the pursuit of amazing flavors from all over Greece and Skopelos, awaiting for you on our shelves. All products have a certification of protected destination of origin while have been selected carefully, destined for new delicious experiences. In Mediterraneo Deli Skopelos, you will find products from Crete, Chios island, Thrace, North Greece and of course Skopelos such as traditional sweets made of fruit and honey, marmelades, BIO honey, award-winning Pâté, crackers, BIO olive oil, mushrooms, award-winning Greek wine and pasta among other products. All of which, combine a mixture of flavors, created by Greek local producers, that will happily surprise you.
You can also find products from the NGO Wise Greece, profits thereof are provided for vulnerable groups.

In Greece we have a unique way to enjoy life spending time with family and friends. This is a gift to experience the “Greek Way” of life: a little luggage full of Greek flavours to take back home.

Address: Chora Skopelos, 37003
Tel.: +30 694 5160560
Facebook: Mediterraneo deli skopelos