6th Cycling Route: Skopelos – Agnodas (MTB GRAVEL)

Starting from the Chora of Skopelos, there are many options. One of them is the forest around Agnontas. Through forest roads we finally reach Stafylos, which is an excellent beach worth visiting. We continue to Agnontas, but before we reach this location, we turn left in a forest area, which is rich in vegetation. The view to the sea is amazing. We then reach Agnontas, where we can enjoy a coffee by the sea. The port of Agnontas is the second port of Skopelos. The return to Skopelos is an easy route and we have the opportunity to enjoy the view.
The route is suitable mainly for MTB bikes, but also for gravel bikes. Its duration is about 1 to 1:30 hours depending on your physical condition.


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6η Ποδηλατική Διαδρομή Σκόπελος – Αγνώντας (ΜΤΒ GRAVEL)_Map











6η Ποδηλατική Διαδρομή Σκόπελος – Αγνώντας (ΜΤΒ GRAVEL)_Elevation





6η Ποδηλατική Διαδρομή Σκόπελος – Αγνώντας (ΜΤΒ GRAVEL)_2