5th Cycling Route: Skopelos – Palouki (MTB)

The most classic mountain bike route of Skopelos. Starting from the Chora of Skopelos, we follow the signs for mountain Palouki. The uphill road of this route will definitely test the endurance of even the ones in the best physical condition. The view from the mountain will surely compensate those who dare. There are 2 excellent paths, one with a smooth surface and the second with several stones and technical points. If technique is your strong point, you will surely love this path. It’s time to return to the town of Skopelos for coffee /beer by the beach or in the traditional alleys of the island.
The route is suitable for MTB bikes. The duration is about 1 hour depending on your physical condition. It can be combined with other routes near the town of Skopelos.


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5η Ποδηλατική Διαδρομή Σκόπελος – Παλούκι (ΜΤΒ)_Map











5η Ποδηλατική Διαδρομή Σκόπελος – Παλούκι (ΜΤΒ)_Elevation






5η Ποδηλατική Διαδρομή Σκόπελος – Παλούκι (ΜΤΒ)_2