4th Cycling Route: Skopelos – Agios Ioannis, Kastri (ΜΤΒ – GRAVEL)

We start on this route leading from the Chora of Skopelos to Palouki and then, taking the side roads, we enter a lane towards Stafylos against traffic flow. After cycling for a while on the asphalt part of the road, we enter a well-maintained forest road heading to the heliport. The view towards Agnontas is amazing. At this point, it is advisable to do a small bypass on an asphalt road and then enter a dirt road again towards Potamos. This is a path in good condition leading to a location before the junction for Sentoukia. Here, we turn left and go uphill for 10-15 minutes, until we reach the point, where the Roman path connecting Glossa and Skopelos survives until today. This route takes us back in time!
We continue to the top of mountain Delphi where we find a stone oven, where people used to cook plums. The accessible by vehicle peak of the mountain at 630 meters, whereas the highest point of the island is at 680 meters, offering unhindered view of Skiathos, Alonissos , mount Athos, Evoia and Pelion! This is a highly recommended experience. Then, the route goes downhill until the chapel of Saint Giannis in Kastri. This chapel is truly a work of art, built on a rock surrounded by the sea. Our return to the Chora of Skopelos goes through the village Kalogiros. This is a forest road in a good condition with a beautiful view. Reaching the crossroad for Glyfoneri, we can stop at the water fountain there, before we continue exploring the picturesque stone alleys of Skopelos.


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 4η Ποδηλατική Διαδρομή Σκόπελος - Άγιος Ιωάννης στο Καστρί (ΜΤΒ - GRAVEL)_Map


















4η Ποδηλατική Διαδρομή Σκόπελος - Άγιος Ιωάννης στο Καστρί (ΜΤΒ - GRAVEL)_2