St. John at Kastri

Saint John (Agios Giannis) at Kastri is a beautiful, picturesque chapel built at a height of 100m above a steep cliff. The white color of the chapel overlooking the beach is a gorgeous contrast to the blue of the sea. You will need to ascend some 106 hillside steps carved into the rock to visit this special and much-photographed chapel. Therefore, the breath-taking view of the Aegean Sea and the crystal-clearteal waters of the tiny, secluded beaches, “nestled” between the rock formations surrounded by the green pine forest is worth the visit. Rumor has it that not even the Mamma Mia! Crew could resist the charms of the idyllic scenery and fell in love with it at first sight!

According to legend, one night a fisherman saw a light on the top of the hill when he was on his voyage. He continued to see the light every night until a woman came to him in his dream and revealed to him that there was a religious iconon the top of the hill. Driven by his vivid dream, the fisherman climbed the rock, found the icon of St. John the Baptist, and took it with him. Nevertheless, according to tradition, the icon kept going back to the hill! That occurred several times before the chapel of St. John was eventually erected. The feast of the chapel is celebrated on August 29th.