Saint Barbara Monastery

Μονή Αγιας Βαρβαρας ΣκόπελοςBuilt in 1648 close to the Nunnery of Saint John the Baptist, St. Barbara Monastery is the oldest on the island. A “jewel” of the island, the monastery offers to the visitor – worshiper a breath-taking view of the island’s northern coastal side and the island of Alonissos. The church is a typical, domed single-aisled basilica that appears to have been renovated in 1697. The monastery is enclosed by a tall, medieval fortress-like wall. You are going to be amazed at the 15th century wood carved iconostasis, believed to be the oldest on Skopelos Island, adorned with plants and two-headed eagles. Fascinating are the beautiful icons of the church from the 17th century.