Nunnery of Saint John the Baptist

Μονή Προδρόμου ΣκόπελοςThe Nunnery of Saint John the Baptist (Moni Timiou Prodromou), one of the most notable Skopelitian temples, is situated at the top of Mount Palouki. It was built in 1612 by the hieromonk Simeon and according to a sign at its entrance, was fully renovated in 1721 by the monk Philaretos. At first it was an all-male monastery, but since the beginning of the 20th century it was converted into a nunnery. The nuns are very hospitable and dedicate themselves to the care and maintenance of the nunnery. It is worth visiting on its feast day on the 24th of June and attending the Vespers on the eve of the celebration. You can also wonder at the carved wooden iconostasis, elaborately adorned with depictions of flora and fauna, and the fifteen beautiful icons influenced by the important festivities of the 14th and 18thcenturies. You will be left impressed by the 14th-15th- century frescoes inside the nunnery and the 16th, 17th, and 18th- century icons.