Its distance from industry and marine traffic has kept the seas around Skopelos among the cleanest and clearest, in Greece. Island geology has produced both sandy beaches such as the long strand at Kastani and pebble such as Panormos, although even the pebble beaches quickly shelve into sand. The waters off its estimated sixty-seven miles of beaches, some of which are only accessible by boat, with dense forest rising above low white limestone cliffs, have earned it the nickname of the “green on blue” island. Its many bays, coves and open-sea beaches attract swimmers, divers and sailors, aboard both modest and opulent craft, throughout the season and some hardy islander even swim daily year-round.


Parts of the island interior are still untrod by humans, but its renovated network of kalderimi, stone-laid footpaths, is opening up its forests, mountains and hidden valleys in remote areas once only accessible by donkey or four-wheel-drive. A short stroll or hike can take you into breathtaking wilderness in just minutes.